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Ian Mowbray-Williams

I have been a Southampton tour guide for over 3 years but in my previous life I was lucky to visit more than forty countries across America, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe, and still have many more on my list to see. Travelling has always been a passion, but it really kick-started with my 20,000km charity bike ride from London in England to Cape Town in South Africa in 2010. The journey was the best experience of my life. I ended it on a high, experiencing the World Cup, and realised I had the bug to keep going. I spent the next year working hard to raise the money I needed to to keep moving across the world. I worked as an English teacher in a rural Chinese town called Langfang before continuing my travel and work through Asia and on to Australia. I wanted to experience different methods of travelling, so during those four and a half years I cycled, rowed, walked, hitch hiked, motor cycled, use public transport and rode horses.
Since returning home to England I’ve started a family with my partner Maja; in 2016 we were blessed with the birth of our son, Eryk. Being a Dad hasn’t dimmed my passion for travel. Living just outside Southampton I was inspired to start Southampton Tours so I could become a Southampton tour guide and share the amazing place I live in with other people.
I look forward to welcoming you to Southampton and showing you around Southern Englands most impressive sights.

My favourite Southampton tour guide destination


Working as a Southampton tour guide gives me the chance to visit some amazing places but I don’t think you will find a more beautiful city than Bath and not only is Bath beautiful it also has an amazing history which I would love to tell you all about. Built for pleasure and relaxation, beautiful Bath has been a wellbeing destination since Roman times. The waters are still a big draw, both at the ancient Roman Baths and the thoroughly modern Thermae Bath Spa, which houses the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can bathe in.

My Most Memorable Southampton tour guide Experience

It’s hard to choose one special Southampton tour guide experience as I have so many, but a firm favourite of mine is the New Forest, which we can go to during our private tours. I was lucky to take a lovely family from America to the New Forest and they had a young son the same age as my Son, Eryk.  We got on so well that on our second day touring together they asked if Eryk and Maja, my fiance, could join us.  I brought Maja and Eryk along and we had a fantastic day exploring the picturesque New Forest.  The highlight was Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary where we got to see the wild deer and explore the ancient woodlands.